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A one day seminar designed to get you in touch with your natural creative abilities so that you can 
produce artworks effortlessly, abundantly and in total satisfaction
! SINCE 1979 !

The Painting Seminar is about connecting you to the source of your natural creative abilities in a way that gives you the freedom to be unabashedly yourself and have your art be a unique expression in the world.
The Painting Seminar is a fun and exciting one-day intensive. No artwork is actually produced in the seminar. Through a powerful dialogue, and the presentation of useful concepts and visuals, you will create a new experience of certainty and well-being regarding your artwork, your views on Art and your views on the artwork of others.

The Painting Seminar does not promote a particular style of painting or medium of expression. What it does promote is YOU discovering YOUR personal style, YOUR medium and YOUR unique expression in the world of Art and Creativity.
Whether you are a professional artist, collector of art, amateur artist, art teacher, student or beginner, this seminar will give you a uniquely fresh approach to your particular art, to the creation of art, to the appreciation of art, to the selling and buying of art and to many other aspects of the world of Art and Creativity. 
"Fine Art has been my life's work. It began in 1943 when I was 12.

By 1961, there was something new about the spirit in which I was working. It was satisfying, fulfilling and complete in itself. I realized that it did not depend on genius, talent, technique or training -- that it was natural to all of us and the source of Art. I wanted to share it with you, and that is how this seminar began."
The Painting Seminar was retired in 2009 
after 30 glorious years.